Attractions for New Zealanders in Palestine

Many New Zealanders often show interest in visiting Palestine, the site of many biblical events. The New Zealanders always are open to visit places that have something interesting for them. These places should be worth watching and should attract the people from around the world. Palestine is also one of those countries that have much in it for the New Zealanders and other tourists. Palestine welcomes you to the cradle of the civilizations. It is the home of civilizations where East meets west; South meets North and where the famous religions of the world Judaism, Islam and the Christianity took their basic current form. Many New Zealanders opt to visit Palestine as it welcomes you to enjoy the richness of the culture that you have here in Palestine, the history that persuades you deeply and the great hospitality of the people of Palestine. Over centuries there have been millions of people that visited this sacred land.


In the organization of Islamic culture, science and education Palestine always plays the front line role. Palestine is one of the leaders in these activities and the programs. This reflects that the Palestine holds a patronizing status in the hearts of all the Muslims around the globe. Palestine is considered the origin of the noble human civilizations we have ever had. It is also considered to be the cradle of all religions of the world. This country is blessed by Allah and is made the host of most of the religious sites. Most of these sites are the Christian and the Islamic places of worship i.e. the churches and the mosques. Al Aqsa mosque is one these most popular Islamic sites. Along with this other holy places include the Church of Resurrection, the Dome of the Rock, the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and Ibrahimi Mosque. The Church of the Nativity is the place where the birth of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, took place. This place, itself is a great source of attraction for the New Zealanders to visit and enjoy the peace in these holy places. As these places mean a lot to Muslims and the Christians and they have a special status in their lives.

Al Quds Al Sharif Unit

Since the beginning of the issue in 1982, the issue has received some serious importance in the consecutive plans of action given by the Islamic Educational, Scientific and cultural Organization. Thirteen years ago, this keen interest resulted in the creation of the Al Quds Al Sharif unit. Instead of these issues in the Palestine, the visitors and tourists from different parts of the world and New Zealand in particular take much interest in visiting the sacred land. They often come here and try to explore the beauties of the nature and different civilizations and cultures of the country.